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My Neck Warmer

This is a project I finished up recently! I bought this beautiful yellow yarn in Vancouver and was inspired to make a neck warmer. I used funky vintage buttons and alternated the placement to give it some interest. I really like the way it turned out when it is just laying flat, but when I wear it it doesn't look like quite right. I think I will have to mess with the pattern to get it just right.


I want these socks!

These marimekko socks are so perfect for Portland winters. I have extreme design lust for all things marimekko. If only I could afford them...
seen via Design Sponge


Perfect Black Dress

I'm in love with this little black vintage inspired dress from missmars. I saw it over on one my favorite d.i.y. blogs Outsapop Trashion.


In Need of Bullet Proof Vest

I'm loving these witty tee-shirts I saw on this blog. I think I could go on and on thinking up more ideas for this series.  Anyways, you can buy them here. 


Fall Fashion

These garmets are handmade by Sandra Backlund. I love the shapes and textures she makes by layering the knitted material together. Very Stunning!



These shoes are awesome, and so appropriate for Portland weather. The colors are great, and they add a sporty look to your heels. Even the bottom of the shoe is cool. Nice!

Now, if only I could wear high heels...


Bleach Stain Inspires New Top

I want to share a clothing reconstruction project I just completed. I got a bleach stain on one of my favorite shirts, and this project was a way for me to salvage it and turn it into something new.
Yucky bleach stain
I cut a scoop out of the front that gets rid of the stain. Then I cup up strips of other scrap material and sew them together.

Yay! I think the finished product is way cooler than the original shirt.

I am not mentally ready for this cold weather! I'm sitting here drinking hot chocolate trying to embrace the new season, but I'm not feeling it. I'm just not ready for another 7 months of cold rainy days.


Look what I made: DIY tee-shirt dress

Making this tee-shirt dress has turned out to be quite the adventure. I started with one ginormous grey tee-shirt and then a smaller pink tee shirt that I used as the accent color. The first step was to cut the sides of the grey shirt so that the tee-shirt would fit snugger. I'm lazy so I totally winged this step. If I were to do it again I would leave more room in the armpit area. Sew the side seam inside-out and try on.

The next step is to cut the belt out of your accent fabric. I decided to use the part of the shirt with the type which adds a nice graphic element. Once you sew the front and the back strips of the belt together try on both pieces to decide how far down the belt should go. Cut your tee shirt dress in half where the belt goes. Line up the good sides together and sew the belt to the top. Take your time figuring out which sides go together. It ended up taking me 3 tries to get it right. (Sometimes I can get in too much of a hurry)

The pockets were inspired by the accidental hole I cut into the shoulder. I needed something to cover up my mistake and the pockets ended up being a really nice touch. I put the straps in because the dress was falling off of my shoulders more than I wanted it to. Functional and cute! Overall I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

I hope this inspires you to make something out of your old tee-shirts!